You’ve heard a thing or two about transcription, but at Translation Services San Diego, what we offer is a professionally done conversion of a spoken language into text. Transcribing is a job that anyone can perform, and we don’t deny it. However, there is more to professional transcription services than meets the eye. 

We transcribe speech for clients in San Diego and nearby cities and towns. Whether you need it for personal or business reasons, we’re here to do the job with the utmost regard for quality. 

The idea of transcribing speech is for it to be edited, cross-referenced, indexed, and shared. Our experienced professional transcribers are trained to listen to any media or material, i.e., interviews, interrogation, speech, and presentation and transcribe the content down to the smallest details. 

So, why hire Translation Services San Diego for a transcription job when you can do it yourself? The answer is simple – you cannot guarantee an accurate and error-free transcription of dialogue into text unless you’re a professional yourself.

The advantage of our professional transcription service team is that the members are native tongue speakers of over 100 languages. So, it does not matter what language the material or dialogue comes from, and we will transcribe it without missing out on a single word or phrase.

Translation Services San Diego is equipped with the best industry’s best and most experienced transcriptions which are not only native speakers of their language but are also well-versed in a specific sector. So, if you hire us to transcribe a dialogue or speech from a medical conference, then we’ll assign the task to one of our transcribers whose expertise is the medical field.

Call Translation Services San Diego today for the quickest turnaround on your transcription needs. Don’t waste your time and money looking at someone else to do the job.

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