Live Interpreting

Live Interpreting

Translation Services San Diego is the most reliable translation and interpreting firm in San Diego and nearby locations. One of the highlights of our team’s expertise is live interpreting. Our live interpreting services are offered to an extensive clientele in any language. 

As a first-time client, we provide you with our team’s live interpreters, no matter what the business is. We offer comprehensive live interpreting for medical, commercial, legal, and industrial needs.

We do business in a way that we acknowledge the differences between a translation job to that of live interpreting. It is the only way to afford specialized and personalized results according to the clients’ needs. At Translation Services San Diego, we understand that live interpreting requires special attention because of the delivery of the language expression.

We interpret one language to another orally, using either regular speech or sign language. It is way different from our translation service in which we translate text from one language to another language in text form.

Translation Services San Diego caters to over a hundred businesses for their live interpreting needs. We fully understand the value of professional interpreters, especially in doing business and undergoing negotiations with foreign clients. For a business agreement or deal that’s about to go down, you don’t want the language difference between you and your client to become the instrument of a bad business contract. 

Our live interpreting services include simultaneous interpreting in conferences, business and corporate meetings, medical seminars, immigration concerns, and legal matters. 

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of professional interpreters guarantee an impeccable and worry-free live interpreting job for you, whatever business or industry you’re in.

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