Psychological Evaluations

and Jail Interviews

Psychological Evaluations and Jail Interviews

Translation Services San Diego is a firm dedicated to providing businesses, companies, and organizations the assistance they need in interpreting and translating psychological evaluations and jail interviews. Our clientele includes entities based in the academe, the medical profession, the courts, and companies that need help in recruiting new employees.

We are a go-to company for clients who need translation and interpreting expertise in more than a hundred different languages. Our expertise is the production of a competently translated document or material of psychology tests, evaluations, as well as jail interviews. 

Our expertise is centered on translating tests and results in a language that your clients will understand. Doing so will provide a much better opportunity to come up with reliable results. As soon as they complete the questions for the tests on the document written in the target language, you will then get the answers translated into the English language for you to conduct a proper assessment.

Translation Services San Diego currently offers psychological evaluation and jail interview translation services in more than 100 languages. With over two decades of experience in the translation industry, we guarantee that we have certified and highly qualified translators who will translate the test results most accurately and competently possible.

You should hire us because we possess the following:

At Translation Services San Diego, we completely understand the sensitivity of the information you’re giving us. We make sure that everything is done in total secrecy. No one else will get the data from your psychological tests and interview results.

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