Depositions/ Civil Litigation

Depositions/ Civil Litigation

A deposition refers to the questioning and testimony provided by a witness outside the bounds of a regular trial court. The purpose of a deposition is to give the litigants with the information they need for a pending trial. The common practice is that depositions be conducted right before the start of a trial. The testimonies by witnesses are recorded. Questions about the future trial are likely to be raised, too.

In the United States, depositions are a critical aspect of civil and criminal cases. And while most situations go on smoothly and without issues, some are a bit more complicated because the witnesses are non-English speaking individuals.

The ever-increasing number of witnesses in U.S. cases who don’t speak the English language has given rise to the demand for interpreters. We at Translation Services San Diego offer professional interpreting expertise for depositions and civil litigation. 

The need for an experienced interpreter can never be more evident in the legal arena. Our trained interpreters have been doing this job for over 20 years. We provide our clients with the confidence and guarantee that our interpreters abide by the legal rules and judicial protocol. We acknowledge that one mistake in an interpreter’s job may influence the proceedings, one way or another.

At Translation Services San Diego, we guarantee high-quality work, and that is evidenced by our proven track record. We have conducted hundreds of successful depositions and civil litigation interpreting work in San Diego and nearby areas for over two decades. Our legal interpretation experience is what makes us stand out from other translation and interpreting firms in the city.

If you’re interested in our deposition and civil litigation interpreting services, give us a call today.

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